About Us

Who We are

We are a team of Four – A Daughter, her helpers Mom and Dad and her four legged friends who sometimes forget they have a family and embark on a wild treasure hunt.

We live on our little family farm, lovingly named Saffron Valley Farm, a quaint little corner of bliss that we found 2 years ago and fell in love with immediately.


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The Boss

Meet our boss, counting her chickens.

Helper 2

And here is helper 2, aka the dad or the farm help (unpaid though!).

Helper 1

Helper 1, aka the mom doing what helpers do best.

Our four legged friends

And finally, our 2 four-legged friends who are excellent in sniffing out trouble, only when not creating it.

Why Us!

Unique Concepts

We believe every small idea needs encouragement. Every dream deserves those extra 5 minutes of sleep. And every endeavor needs its supporters. We are hoping we find our support in you.

From our family to yours

We believe that sharing is caring. So here we are offering our small gifts to you and your family, to spread the goodness of producing and eating local, healthy and natural products.

Our Journey 

We started our little adventure 2 years ago and continue to enjoy every moment of it daily. We are still learning, as each day brings its lessons filled with hope, enthusiasm and a commitment to do good.

“Care and compassion in our quest towards finding and spreading joy and happiness. Being content and contributing to our surroundings our best efforts to make lives meaningful.”

– Our family

Our Commitment

We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee full satisfaction. Where we fail, we offer a full refund and your next order will be on the house.

In order to bring the goodness of nature to your home and table, we have made it our mission to treat each family as our own. We dont just sell products, we provide uniqueness and purity, concepts which are easier to market, yet hard to deliver.