Farm fresh, pasture raised eggs, fruits and vegetables plants, just like from your own backyard!

Our products and services are an ideal fit for busy lives. Affordable yet offering no compromise on nutritional value, our products are the best alternative to growing them yourself.


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We offer nature’s abundance in a small family farm setting. Our premise is simple – we offer family focused, wholesome nutritious products that are free of any artificial growing practices or chemical ingredients. Natural farming has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional farming. We aspire to conserve and build soil health, replenish natural ecosystem, and all without any toxic residues.


Our products

Farm fresh, Pasture-raised, large brown eggs, young ready to lay BYM chickens, naturally grown vegetables and fruits, seedlings and saplings. We also build brooders to house baby chicks, ducks, geese, quail or rabbit, and raised bed planters on order only. 


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Fun filled family outings amidst farm animals and flower gardens. Vegetable picking, fruit picking, collecting eggs and much more. Visit us on our special events or on a day of your choice! 



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From having your own backyard chickens, to planting your own saplings, or simply browsing our collection of our articles, choose your picks.

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Enjoy peace of mind and health.

Nature’s bountiful products can add to your life, reducing stress and increasing quality of living. What’s more: you get to fix a lopsided food and nutrition system where the focus has been on calorie intake, ignoring the quality of what makes up the calories. Every small measure makes a difference! Spend more time with nature and your loved ones, enjoying what’s truly healthy and sustainable, in the way it is meant to be..

“From the time of our first order, we have received great quality eggs unmatched by anything available in supermarket shelves. Looking forward to the full season where we can become your regular customers”

– Happy User

At our farm, we follow a very simple concept. If we cannot eat it ourselves and feed it to our kids, we won’t sell it. Its simple as that. We do not believe in expensive ad campaigns or marketing, knowing well that our products speak for themselves. So come and see the difference for yourself.